Clear in the matter – appreciative in the attitude

I am working with reward-based training methods, solid expertise and common sense.
At Freulein Smilla & Ich, we focus on the happy coexistence of both, humans and dogs!

reward-based &
relaxed & positive

“I welcome all human-dog teams, no matter the breed,
size or history!”

Most people who adopt a dog have ideas about what they want to do and experience with their new four-legged friend. In their imagination they see a great human-dog team walking together through the fields, forests (optionally city parks) in pure harmony. Preferably without a leash. Sometimes these dreams come true just like that – and sometimes mistress and master have to realize that their new family member might have other ideas. Exact these different point of views can stand in the way when it comes to doggys and your happiness….

The reality check shows: Hm, my dog doesn’t come back reliably when I call him (or her). Maybe he goes hunting on his own instead of dutifully walking alongside his human. To go for a walk without a leash was a thing of the past faster than you could say “come here”, and the next thing you know is your furry nose barking at other dogs on the leash. Or does your dog simply not want to – or can not – stay alone for half an hour without complaint and instead chews the table leg?

These and many other smaller or larger everyday problems are neither unique nor unsolvable, at least in the vast majority of cases. Every person who, in view of these or similar issues, would like to do something to come closer to his original idea of harmonious coexistence with his / her / their dog, is in the right place with me.

For all those who want to share their live with a dog from an animal shelter / animal protection organisation or have already done so, I offer special accompaniment (see under offer “Special for rescue dogs”). These dogs often need special patience, clarity and support to cope well in our world and to get the best out of this life possible. Every bit that I can contribute to this is a special joy for me!

I am the right trainer for you and your dog if:
  • you – with or without family – want to live relaxed and in good connection with your dog

  • you are sincerely interested in getting to know and understand your dog better

  • you want to become active with your dog with joy and openness to get closer to your idea of dog-human coexistence

If you are looking for a specialist in dummy training, man trailing, agility, etc., feel free to contact me, and I will refer you to an appropriate colleague as needed.

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I look forward to you and your four-legged friend

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